60-Day Treatment Programs in Mulhall, OK

When seeking a treatment program it might seem like there is a lot to consider but with information, it might make the decision easier. The right program might depend on the patient’s addiction severity or the length of the program they prefer to attend. While short-term programs might be the right length for people with a mild addiction, 60-day programs work best for mild to moderate addictions. For people who need a middle ground between 30-day and 90-day then 60-day treatments can be the right in-between. 60-day programs use a combination of both 30-day and 90-day methods and can be intensive. With more time to get through the withdrawal process, it can also leave more time to focus on recovery and life after their treatment. To find out more, give us a call at 405-583-4309. 

For 60-day treatment, you can choose between two program options: inpatient and outpatient. In an inpatient program, patients immerse themselves in the treatment while living at the center. Medical assistance is available to them at any time, which can help greatly during the detox process but also after. An inpatient program can help patients be free from the distractions of their day-to-day life and provides them with a sober environment. 

During an outpatient program, patients can still live at home and attend treatment at their facility. Patients usually attend treatment sessions for a few hours a day, for about 3 days a week. This allows the patient to have flexibility with their day and lets them continue living without disrupting their daily routine. An outpatient program can be fit for people who have to continue working or caring for someone and can also be a more affordable option. Therapy is available for both programs.

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Quality 60-day Treatment Programs

Each individual suffering from addiction is unique, so it is important to find the right treatment for each person. While some people do well with short-term programs, others do better in the long-term. 60-day gives people a nice mix of both. Choosing 60-day treatment will allow the patient to complete detox and have more time to focus on recovery. Along with benefits, a 60-day program may have some drawbacks.

Steps of a 60-Day Program

60-day programs provide patients with the best from both short-term and long-term treatments in a nice middle ground. Patients have more time after the withdrawal period to work on their behavior and mental-state before they return back to their lives. While programs may be different, they follow a similar structure that includes: Assessment, detox, therapy, and aftercare plan. The patient can go into the program having a good idea of what their treatment will hold and can feel the part they play in their recovery. 

  • When the patient begins their 60-day program, a medical specialist examines them to get a good understanding of their medical, mental health, and addiction history. Afterward, the patient meets with a recovery specialist to create a customized recovery plan together. This allows the patient to have control over their rehab experience and they can figure out what works best for them. The recovery plan can also provide the patient with expectations and things to look forward to during their program.

Benefits for 60-Day Treatment Programs:

When deciding on programs for 60-day treatment, you have the choice between inpatient and outpatient. Both options can be effective, what is important is that the patient can fully commit to the program.

  • While 30-day programs might deal more with withdrawal, with 60-day the patient has time to also focus on things that come after the treatment. 
  • 60-day is considered long-term and is less time consuming compared to the rest. 
  • 60-day programs are also more affordable than longer treatments. 

Drawbacks for 60-Day Treatment Programs:

  • 60-day programs may not be as effective for severe addictions. 
  • While most insurances cover a 30-day program, they may not cover longer treatments. 

Take Action Against Your Addiction

Now that you have learned more about 60-day programs, you can decide if it is right for you. 60-day programs give patients more time than 30-day and are less time-consuming than 90-day. Patients can have more time to focus on their recovery but not have to take too much time out of their life compared to the longer programs. 60-day program can also be done through inpatient or outpatient facilities. 

Inpatient programs provide patients a little escape from their everyday lives and possibly negative environment. Patients can stay at the center they get treated and have access to medical assistance 24 hours a day. In an outpatient program, patients have fewer disruptions to their life and continue with any obligations or commitments they have. While treatment is only for a few hours each week, it is intensive and can be just as effective as an inpatient. 

No matter what you decide on, what matters is that it is right for you. If you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to call 405-583-4309. You do not have to deal with this alone. 

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