Drug and Alcohol Misuse Issue in Stilllwater, OK


Stillwater can be found in Payne County, an hour north from Oklahoma City. Its population amounts to 45,688, making it the 10th largest city in Oklahoma. In the past year, Stillwater police had the biggest drug bust they have ever had in the area. A few of the drugs found ranged from LSD, Xanax, Ecstasy, and others. This not only shows that drugs can reach any city, no matter its size but also brings the drug issues in the area and state to light. People suffering from addiction can find a facility in this area or travel to larger cities like Oklahoma City for more options. Addiction treatment programs are available around Stillwater and Oklahoma. 30-day programs can work well for mild addictions, 60-day for moderate, and 90-day for severe. 

Addiction Treatment in Stillwater

Smaller cities may have limited treatment options, but you might find what you need in Oklahoma City or other larger cities. Stillwater only has two options for outpatient addiction treatment programs. Outpatient can help patients who need to stay close to home or need fewer disruptions in their life. Inpatient can better assist those with all levels of addictions, and can especially benefit those with severe cases.

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Oklahoma Drug Statistics 

  • In 2018 almost 43 percent of Oklahoma residents died due to opioid overdose, amounting to 308 fatalities. 
  • Of those deaths, 79 were due to heroin and 84 were from synthetic opioids. 
  • A slight decrease in deaths occurred from 2017 to 2018, the number of deaths from prescription drugs went from 251 to 172.
  • For every 100 people, a doctor prescribes 79.1 opioid prescriptions. On the other hand, the average for the united states reached 51.4 prescriptions for every 100 people. 
  • In 2018, opioid-related deaths in the U.S. amounted to 46,802. 

People all around the world struggle with addiction each day, some without seeking help or others without knowing they have an issue. In the year about 7.9 percent of adults admitted to having a substance dependency.  If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, remember others are out there. You can take the first step to our recovery. You can get more information by calling 405-583-4309.

Benefits of Traveling for Treatment

Everyone deals with addiction differently, some people do well with a treatment that is close to home, others do better away. For those who decide traveling outside of Stillwater for addiction treatment is right for them, it would make sense to do an inpatient program. Traveling back and forth to an outpatient center might be inconvenient to do a few times a week. Getting treated in a different city can benefit patients greatly. It allows them to focus on only themselves and their recovery in a new sober environment. They can experience new scenery and anonymity while also meeting new people. With limited treatment options in Stillwater, patients can find their right treatment in Oklahoma City or other locations they prefer. 

  • When in a new place, privacy can be protected better by going somewhere an individual does not know others and others may not know them. They can focus on their treatment while also rediscovering themselves and learning how to stay sober. It allows them to get a new prescriptive about their addiction and behavior towards it as well. Being away from home can ensure the patient’s commitment since it will be more difficult to leave the facility before it’s over. Patients are also away from the distraction that being at home can bring by going to a new place.


Choosing Your Treatment Facility

  • Accreditation is vital in ensuring that a treatment center will provide the best care by meeting the quality standards.
  • Evidence-based treatment uses methods that have scientific research that has proved effective.
  • The length of a program is decided by your treatment team after your assessment. 
  • The location of treatment is chosen by the patient. There are benefits of choosing to pursue treatment both at home and in a new city or state.
  • Aftercare services can be the most important part of treatment. These services will help prevent relapse after treatment has concluded. 
  • Payment options depend on the facility. However, many treatment centers accept many different insurance providers. Additionally, there are a variety of facilities that offer payment plans and sliding scale fees. 

Treatment Options in Stillwater, OK.

While Stillwater does not provide options for inpatient, they do offer one intensive and one standard treatment service. An outpatient program allows patients to get treated at a facility, while still living at home. The patient can visit the treatment center for a few hours a couple of days a week. This allows patients to have little disruption to their everyday life and can continue tending to their responsibilities. Outpatient can be good for people with milder levels of addiction or who have already complete an inpatient program. Staying in their hometown can improve the chance of program and aftercare treatment competition.

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People who suffer from addiction may deal with is in various ways, there is no right way to it. Some may function just fine but others might not get through the morning without their addictive substance. Some people may even have an issue without even knowing they have one. If you notice the traits of an addict in a loved one or yourself, know that help is other there. 

If you need more information on treatment programs or anything related to addiction, we can help. Please reach out for help by calling 405-583-4309. You are not alone and you have already made the first step. 

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