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Recovery Starts Here: How It Works

Getting the help you need starts with a phone call! 

1. Call 405-583-4309

To speak to a professional and join a 100% free phone consultation.

2. Planning your options

We’ll help you prepare and plan your available options and determining the right placement and place to join your path to recovery.

3. Start Your Program

Programs will vary based on your needs. Speak to a professional to today to set up your path and goals.

Setting Your Goals

Your rehab, detox, intervention recovery program is just around the corner with a call away. Speak to a representative and set your goals to recovery.

How To Seek Help

Do you or a loved one need help seeking rehab? We’ll  point you in the right direction.



Find help for a friend, loved one, or family member. Professional prepared help can smooth out the process of denial, blame, or even guilt.


Supervised Detox-min

Detox is the first step before rehab starts. Ridding of the toxins with medically supervised professional help prepares you for rehab. 



Seeking rehab will start you on the road to recovery and that takes place with different individual plans that will work best for each person.

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Recovery Programs Gearing Your New Life

These programs are set up to help each individual with their own unique recovery setting.  Our professionals will help decide what is necessary to recover from addiction.

30-Day Program

Short Term

Short-term programs, like 30-days, tend to be more effective for those with mild and sometimes moderate addictions. They provide patients with a short and intensive program, that can be less disruptive to your life since it requires only 30 days. 

60-Day Program


The 60-day treatment gives patients a chance to get through their detox and still have time to work on other things involving their recovery. 

90-Day Program

Long Term

Patients with moderate to severe addiction find 90-day programs to be extremely beneficial. The programs implement similar approaches at the 30-day and 60-day but with more time to focus on making the recovery long-term. 

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